1983-07-13 Paradise Theatre, Boston

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  • Paradise Theatre


  • Boston, MA


  • USA


  1. (Set)Gardening At Night
  2. (Set)9-9
  3. (Set)Moral Kiosk
  4. (Set)Laughing
  5. (Set)Pilgrimage
  6. (Set)Seven Chinese Bros.
  7. (Set)Talk About The Passion
  8. (Set)Wolves, Lower
  9. (Set)Harborcoat
  10. (Set)Sitting Still
  11. (Set)Pretty Persuasion
  12. (Set)Catapult
  13. (Set)Just A Touch
  14. (Set)West Of The Fields
  15. (Set)Radio Free Europe
  16. (Encore #1)White Tornado
  17. (Encore #1)Ages Of You
  18. (Encore #1)We Walk
  19. (Encore #1)1,000,000
  20. (Encore #2)California Dreaming
  21. (Encore #2)Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)


  • The band sing Happy Birthday to Bertis between 9-9 and Moral Kiosk. This show can be found on the vinyl bootleg “Return of the Rickenbackers”

    There is a better source of this show that has surfaced recently. The DAT source is much more clean although it does have a bit of echo that in some quarters, believes to have enhanced the sound of this show giving the music a bit of a psychaedelic feel to it.


  • The Replacements


  • soundboard recording available

Surfaced Recordings

Equipment unknown
Length 77:14 min
Format CD
Quality 9.0
Taper unknown
Recorded for radio broadcast by WBCN. Various FM sources exist, but the best by far is taken from the IRS tape itself. Circulated online around 2005 but dropped due to inclusion of some tracks on official releases. One of the very best.
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